MGOCSM Annual Kanesh 2020 on Saturday, August 29 @ 09:30 AM

MGOCSM Toronto will be hosting it’s 3rd annual Kanesh retreat, as an online, one-day event. This year’s retreat will be conducted virtually in order to abide by the local public health guidelines.

This year’s theme was chosen based on the feedback from the youth, and will be “Eternal Hope” with a focus on mental health and depression. The bible verse which focuses on the theme is “Bring my soul out of prison to give thanks to Your name” -Psalms 141:8. Our guest speakers will be Fr. Daniel Dennis Mathai, Seminarian Toby John and Ms. Sangeetha Thomas, a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern.

The retreat will be held on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 at 9:30 AM. The details to join the online session will be emailed to the address you provide in this registration form. Registration is free. All youth over the age of 13 are requested to join in! Please contact your Kanesh 2020 committee member for any questions.

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