News Update

July 19, 2024 / current, MGOCSM, Parish

Kanesh 2024

Registration for Kanesh 2024 is now open!

The camp will be held from August 22nd to 25th at The Valley of the Mother of God Retreat Center, 953376 7 Line E, Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z2.

The main speaker will be H.G. Abraham Mar Stephanos Metropolitan, joined by workshop leaders Rv. Dn. Basali Mathew, Rv. Dn. Joshua Varughese, and Varsha Varghese.

Please click the below link to register:

MGOCSM Toronto welcomes all youth to the Kanesh event.

July 19, 2024 / current, Parish, Sunday School

Sunday School Updates

Sunday School Closed
Sunday classes are closed due to Summer holidays. The classes will resume in September. Details will be informed as decided.

July 19, 2024 / current, MGOCSM, Parish

MGOCSM Updates

MGOCSM Fellowship Event:
Our parish MGOCSM team is hosting a fellowship event at Wildwood Park, near to our church. Registration forms will be sent out soon. There is a fee of $20 per person. There will be fun water games, sports, and food will be served. Details will be communicated to MGOCSM members.

July 19, 2024 / current, Marth Mariam, Parish

MMVS Updates

MMVS 2nd Annual Regional meet:
Scheduled for Oct 19th – 2024. There will be a Talent show in addition to Bible Study. It will be hosted by our parish. 

Art Exhibition:
Scheduled tentatively for Nov 17th, 2024. All interested in displaying their art   skill are requested to start preparing for the same.

July 19, 2024 / current, Parish

KCEF St. Thomas Day Celebrations

Kerala Christian Ecumenical Fellowship will St. Thomas Day Celebration will take place through virtual platform from July 18th to July 20th. 

Please find the schedule and links to join each event below:

Thursday July 18, 2024 (Retreat Day 1):
Time: 07:00 PM 
Join using the YouTube link
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 810 4578 4407
Passcode: KCEF

Friday July 19, 2024 (Retreat Day 2):
Time: 07:00 PM
Join using the YouTube link
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 844 0360 1313
Passcode: KCEF

Saturday July 20, 2024 (St. Thomas Celebration):
Time: 06:00 PM
Click the below YouTube link to watch the St. Thomas day celebration.

Our parish Sunday school and junior choir will be performing songs during the St. Thomas day celebration on July 20th.