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   On God rests my deliverance and my honor; mighty rock, my refuge is God. (Psalm 62:7 RSV)******************

His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews III

Catholicos of the East in Malankara

His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos

Diocesan Metropolitan

Fr Thomas P John

Parish Vicar

Parish History

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church Of TorontoWith the arrival of a sizable number of Orthodox Syrian Christians to Canada from India and via the Middle East in the 1960s, Toronto became the focal point for the formation of the first Orthodox Syrian Christian Parish in Canada.

The first Holy Qurbana was conducted on Christmas Day in 1969 by Rev. Fr. Dr. N.K. Thomas.

In 1970, after the official recognition as the first Parish in North America, Rev. Fr. K.C. George [later very Rev. K.C. Geevarghese Ramban] was appointed as our vicar. On October 3, 1970, at a meeting of the parish members, it was decided that the parish would be dedicated to Parumala Thirumeni, our Patron Saint It was also decided to conduct Holy Qurbana at least once every two months at the Trinity College Chapel, 6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto.

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Upcoming Events

08:30 AM : Morning Prayer

09:30 AM : Holy Qurbana

4th Sunday : English Service

All other Sundays : Malayalam

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Regular Classes:
Every Sunday
After Holy Qurbana: Sunday School Regular Classes

40th Friday
Thursday, March 30, 2023
06:30 PM : Evening Prayer
07:30 PM : Holy Qurbana
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Venue: Church

Lazarus Saturday
Saturday, April 01, 2023
08:30 AM : Morning Prayer
09:30 AM : Holy Qurbana
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Venue: Church

Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 02, 2023
08:30 AM : Morning Prayer
09:30 AM : Holy Qurbana & Palm Sunday Service
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Venue: Church

Wednesday, April 05, 2023
06:30 PM : Evening Prayer
07:30 PM : Holy Qurbana
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Venue: Church

Good Friday
Friday, April 07, 2023
08:30 AM : Good Friday Service
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Venue: Church

Good Friday Vigil
Friday, April 07, 2023
06:00 PM : Evening Prayer
07:30 PM : Vigil
Venue: Church

Holy Saturday
Saturday, April 08, 2023
09:00 AM : Morning Prayer
10:00 AM : Holy Qurbana
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Venue: Church

Sunday, April 09, 2023
06:00 AM : Easter Service
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Venue: Church

Noon Prayer
Monday – Friday 12:00-12:30 PM
Virtual prayer through webex

Webex Link: number: 2630 231 7215Password: YaS2m38h3hsJoin by phone+1-416-216-5643 Canada Toll (Toronto)Access code: 263 023 17215

Evening Prayer
Sunday – Saturday 07:00-08:15 PM
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Venue: Church

Saturday, March 25, 2023
08:30 AM : Morning Prayer and Holy Qurbana
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Venue: Church

News Update

Great Lent (Fifty Days): February 20 – April 09Please join the online Noon Prayer with 40 prostrations at 12:00. All are requested to join in person for the Evening Prayer followed by the Lenten Devotional Talks by our members. We wish and pray that all the preachers shall be empowered and inspired by the Spirit of God. Hope that the Lenten Talks 2023 will be our daily feed that can nourish, empower, transform and equip in our journey with the Lord.Please plan to switch to a vegetarian diet, Lenten prayer, 40 times of kneeling down, fasting, minimalism and think about how we can reach out to those with various needs. Detailed programs shall be made available soon.

40th Friday (Naalpathaam Velli) on Friday March 31: Holy Liturgy on Thursday March 30, Evening Prayer at 06:30 pm, Holy Qurbana at 07:30 pm.The Holy Great Lent will be coming to an end with 40th Friday and then it will be ten days of Pascha. Together it makes the 50 days Lent. Let us join the Holy Liturgy on Thursday, March 30 with evening prayer at 06:30 pm followed by the Holy Qurbana. Lazarus Saturday – April 01, Morning Prayer at 08:30 am, Holy Qurbana at 09:30 am. Lenten Retreat after the HQ.There will be Holy Qurbana on Lazarus Saturday on April 01, starting with morning prayer at 08:30am. The Lenten Retreat will be after the Holy Qurbana. Guest speaker P. Thomas, Piravom. It will be for our renewal and rejuvenation in Spirit. Let us together enjoy fellowship with Christ as the flock enjoyed His company at the sets of miracle of the bread. Who cannot say, Christ would give us a miraculous filling?! We need it. He will provide for our hunger and thirst. Sunday April 02 – Sunday April 09, Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter. Let us go with Him!Let us be ready to go with the Lord from the Temple of Jerusalem to the heights of Calvary for the redemptive sacrifice He did for us. May there be more prayers, submission, giving than taking, sacrifices than owning, leaving than grabbing. Let us find ourselves in the shoes of the apostles who are enthusiastic about preaching of the Kingdom which brings healing and justice, equality and peace, and reconciliation and mutual care. Hosanna in the highest!The Holy Week Liturgical schedule has been attached with the weekend mail. Please keep a copy with us on our phone for reference. Let us dwell in the Temple with the Lord. May the Holy Spirit transform us.

Holy Confession in the Great Lent Please find a convenient time for Holy Confession in the coming weeks. As we have evening prayer at church on a daily basis, it will be easy before or after the prayer. Feel free to come straight from work. Please call the Vicar to schedule a convenient time to avoid waiting or rush. Saturdays will also be possible although it can be busy. Please don’t wait until the Holy Week for the confession. Love our neighbour in need As we observe fasting and minimalism, we can save some money every day. Lent is love, feeling the love of God and sharing it with the rest of the creation. Let us not spend that money for our personal needs. Rather we can keep it aside so that by the end of the Lent, we can use it to help the needy. Let our spiritual joy turn out to be an uplifting experience for those who are in dire situations. As a church we are yet to decide, for whom we can spend the collected Lenten share. Once we find the right beneficiaries, we shall let you know.

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New Parish Directory – Please send updates We are starting the process for new parish directory with latest member updates. We have a few new families enrolled and many families have moved in to new homes. We request our members to visit the Directory counter at the basement to update the details. Also arrange to send a recent family photo. The new directory will be released on Sunday July 02, 2023. We look for sponsors. Our members who are willing to sponsor, please contact the parish office. 

OVBS-2023 concluded on March 19, leaving a lot of cheer, positivity, energy and much hope about our children.
Over 115 students actively participated in it. We sang, prayed, gamed, and learned together – enjoying the loving presence of the Lord.We highly appreciate our parents who had taken days off from work, to pick up children from houses in their area and to drive them to church and back home. It was a great dedication and care. We are immensely grateful to the volunteers who were tirelessly working the whole time to give all the assistance required. Music teachers led the sessions to joy and celebration. All teachers were excellent with their sharing of wisdom with the students and made sure everybody was well attended. Snacks and food were of variety and tasty. The noon prayer with 40 times of kneeling down was well participated and excitedly observed by the OVBS campers. The theme, ‘Our Lord Heals’ was so apt and relevant which was well-conveyed through various sessions and activities. All our well-wishers who were generous and supported us financially deserve high appreciation and our sincere gratitude.Sincere thanks to the OVBS Co-coordinators Santy Binu Koshy & Blessen Sam for organizing the event in an excellent and thoughtful manner. Thanks to Mr Sabu George, our guest teacher from Delhi, serving as Inspector of East Delhi area, who was kind to be with us as one among us and was keen to share his experience and wisdom. All the parents were so responsive and supportive by sending their children many of them spared their precious time at the unit. Our Principal Santosh Varghese did a wonderful part by leading, screening, organizing, interacting, updating, delegating, motivating and involving the maximum members in the event. Sincere thanks to the whole OVBS team. Let us prayerfully look forward to OVBS 2024! 

Catholicate Day, Sunday March 26
The Catholicate Day or ‘Sabhadinam’ falls on the 36th day of the Great Lent. There will be hoisting of the Catholicate Flag on Sunday before the morning prayer. We will have a special prayer for the church during the Holy Qurbana, followed by declaration of the pledge and singing of the Catholicate Anthem.

HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim Metropolitan on visit to Toronto – Washing of the Feet on April 06th.HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim Metropolitan will be on visit to Toronto during the Holy Week. Thirumeni has been invited by St Thomas OC Toronto for leading the Holy Week Service. There will be the service of the Washing of Feet led by Thirumeni on Thursday, April 06 at Coptic Orthodox Church, Oakville. They have invited all the parishes in Toronto to join at 05:30 pm for evening prayer followed by the washing of feet to finish by 07:30pm. Packed dinner shall be served soon after. It will be an opportunity for those who have never witnessed it or for those who had, a long time ago. Please be keen to take our children to the highly appealing service of washing and kissing of feet. It is the reenactment of Jesus the Lord washing the feet of the apostles. It will be so endearing and moving. Let us join the memorable service.

Volume 4 of the Journal ‘Urava’ will be released on the Feast of Pentecost.
The Editorial Board had its meeting which discussed the theme and subthemes for our organizations to present articles. Please find here – the theme and subthemes:Theme: 50th DayCover Design Contest: There will be a contest for the Cover Design. This turn, it will be for MGOCSM. All MGOCSM members, give a try please.Subthemes for Organizations:

  1. Sunday School: a. Fruit of the Holy Spirit b. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  2. MGOCSM: a. Empowered by Holy Spirit b. Seven-fold Easter
  3. OCYM: a. Nicene Creed Affirmation b. Second Babel
  4. MMVS: a. To the Ends of the World b. Spirit of Renewal and Revival
  5. Gregorian Seniors Forum: a. Healer, Comforter, and Perfector b. Holy Myron
  6. Choir: a. Harp of the Holy Spirit b. Epiclesis: invocation of the Holy Spirit
  7. Acolytes: a. Holy Spirit in the Old Testament b. The Spirit and The Bride say, “Come”!

The final date for submission of articles will be April 14th. We request all parish organizations to start working on the articles. You can do it in groups or individually.

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